• Offer a coffee [コーヒーを提供する]
  • Offer a glass of champagne [シャンパンを提供する]
  • Offer a bribe [賄賂を提供する]
  • Tell her she is charming
  • Tell him: "You are worthy of your position and on honor to the institution!"
  • Offer to award him the national medal
  • Invite him to speak highly of you in public
  • Encourage him to take out a party card with your own party
  • Ask him if he would accept a ministry

Heads of State

  • Tell him: I love your country, its splendid landscapes always made me dream
  • Renegotiate a military alliance
  • Create a sales contract
  • Invite him to make the same decision as you at the next G8 summit


Minister for justice(国内)

  • Cheer him up
  • Tell him to toe the line

Religions [宗教]

  • Tell him: "Spiritually speaking, your religion has always been a great inspiration for me!"
  • Ask him to pray for you


  • Tell him/her:
"Hamlet, Othello,Richard III, Mirza the dog, what a repertory!" <Actor>
    • "What poetry in your choreography!" <Dancer>
    • "You come over so well on the screen!" <Commentator>
    • "You're so funny!" <Humorist>
    • "With you we are all fashion victims!" <Fashion designer>
    • "When you play,Maestro,The angels begin to dance!" <Musician>
    • "I pissed myself laughing at yoour last film!" <Movie maker>
    • "I've read all your books!" <Novelist>
    • "You'll bury us all,Madame <name>!" <Oldest person>
    • "What inspiration in your painting!" <Painter>
    • "Really caustic, your latest album!It blew me away!" <Singer>
    • "You're really the best of your kind!" <Political journalist>
    • "You're even more beautiful in real life!" <Top model>
    • "Flattery apart, for me you're the greatest living artist!" <Photographer>


  • Tell him/her:
    • "You are really an example for the children of this country!" <Sports man/woman>
    • "You take free kicks like no one else!" <Football player>
    • "My word, what a driver" <Driver>
    • "Fantastic, that rising backhand!" <Tenniswoman>

Family & friends


  • Offer to make love to her, right here and now
  • Tell her: "You have a lover! I know you have, fickle woman! Traitor, Witch!"
  • Encourage her to be more discreet
  • Tell her: "You're the most beautiful woman in the world, darling!"

Mother []

  • Encourage her to be more discreet
  • Encourage her to be more talkative
  • Offer her flowers
  • Tell her: "You're the most beautiful mother in the whole world!"

Father []

  • Give him his pills
  • Ask him:"Well, as young as ever, Dad!?"
  • Lend him your official car
  • Encourage him to reduce his gambling




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