Budget [予算]

Pollution [汚染]

  • Air pollution [大気汚染]
  • Chemical pollution [化学汚染]
  • Water treatment [水処理]
  • Waste recycling [リサイクル]
  • Garbage collection [ゴミ収集]
  • Weather supervision [気象観測]
  • Protection of the fauna [動物種保護]
  • Protection of the flora [植物種保護]
  • Development of green spaces [緑地開発]
  • Combat noise pollution [戦闘騒音公害]
  • Combat animal droppings [糞害]

Nature [自然]

  • Flooding/mudflows [洪水/泥流]
  • Drought/Heat wave [干ばつ/熱波]
  • Earthquake [地震]
  • Cyclones/Tidal wave [暴風/津波]
  • Volcanic eruptions [噴火]
  • Pollutions [汚染]
  • Nuclear threats [核脅威]
  • Forest fire [山火事]

Legislation [立法]

  • Regulate vehicle traffic in urban zones [都市部での車両交通規制]
    • No restrictions [無制限]
    • Speed limits when pollution peaks[汚染の最高時に速度制限]
    • Alternating traffic, every other day [1日おきに交通を交互に?]
    • Traffic in center cities reserved for public transport [中央都市交通は公共交通機関のみ?]
  • Kyoto protocol [京都議定書]
    • Ratify [承認]
    • Not ratified [非承認]
  • Determine the tax reduction for using clean energies [クリーンエネルギー利用による減税]
    • Car [車]
    • Home [家]


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