Military operations


Actions [行動]

  • Leave the control of the armed forces in the hands of the military top brass [軍部長官に軍事統制を委任する]
  • Place the control of the armed forces under the authority of the head of government [政府首班が軍事統制をする シビリアンコントロール]
  • Attack a country [国家を攻撃する]
  • Defend the territory of an attacked country [攻撃された国と領土防衛]
  • Go to war, siding with a country in conflict [他国での交戦相手へ参戦]
  • Launch a procedure to authorize the use of chemical and bacteriological weapons [化学・細菌兵器の使用許可処置の開始]
  • Give the order to with drow your units []
  • Propose a peace treaty [平和条約を提案]
  • Surrender [降伏]
  • Demand the retreat of foreign troops on our territory [自国領における外国軍の撤退要求]
  • Call for help []


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