Political Parties


Legislation [立法]

  • Determine the power of the state with regard to political parties [政党に関する国家権力の決定]
    • Free multi-party system [自由な多党制]
    • Tolerated multi-party system under state control [国家管理による許容的多党制]
    • Allow one political party under state control [国家管理による1党制]

Political parties [政党]

  • Ban a political party and arrest its leader [政党を禁止し、そのリーダーを逮捕する]
  • Ban a political party [政党を禁止する]
  • Publicly criticize a political party [公的に政党を批評する]
  • Publicly congratulate a political party [公的に政党を祝う]


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