Legislation [立法]

  • Determine the balance of power between the state and the Department of Justice [国家と地方の司法権力の優位を決定]
    • Total independence of Justice [裁判の独立制]
    • High court judges appointed by State [最高裁判所裁判官は、国によって任命 ]
    • Control measures for judges [裁判官のための制御措置]
    • Justice completely under state control [国家による裁判措置]

  • Join the International Criminal Court [国際刑事裁判所への加入]

  • Propose a law to ban the death penalty [死刑廃止の為の法提案]

  • Amnesty [恩赦]
    • Offense against the road code []
    • Sentences of less than 3 months []

  • Establish legislation on arms sales [武器販売の為の法律制定]
    • Unrestricted sale to adults [成人へ販売無制限]
    • Sale subject to a license system [免許制度の売却の対象]
    • Sale limited to hunting arms, which must adhere to the license system and undergo inquiry [免許に準じて審査があり、狩猟銃に限定]
    • Ban on the sale and possession of firearms [銃販売と所持禁止]

Construction [建設]

Legal institutions [法定建設]の設定

Prisoners [囚人]



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