Legislation [立法]

  • Forbid entrance to the territory [領内への入国禁止]
  • Authorize entrance to the territory [領内への入国許可]
  • Forbid exits from the territory [領内からの出国禁止]
  • Authorize exits from the territory [領内からの出国許可]

  • Establish the integration policy [同化政策の制定]
    • Restrictive and monitored [監視と制限]
    • Moderated and balanced [バランスのとれた緩和]
    • Opened [自由]

  • Establish aid for immigrants going home [帰宅移民援助制度の制定]
    • No aid [援助なし]
    • Basic subsidy [基本的な補助金]
    • Highly incentive increased subsidy [高額な補助金]

  • Conduct an operation to regularize the situation of illegal immigrants [不法入国者の状況調査指示]
    • For all illegal immigrants [すべての不法移民]
    • For illegal immigrants having lived on the territory for more than 5 years [5年以上滞在の不法移民]
    • For a selection of illegal immigrants based on criteria of integration [不法移民]
  • Launch a massive operation to accompany illegal immigrants to the frontiers [不法入国者の国境送還の為の大規模作戦の着手]

  • Regulate tourist visas [観光ビザの規制]
    • No visas [ビザなし]
    • Visas mandatory [ビザ必須]


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