Site map generator help you build a sitemap


Are you an online webmaster who just starts a new site? If yes, you need a site map generator. On ONE hand, Sitemap guides your users to the webpage he/she wants to go. On the other hand, it tells search engines how to crawl your website which performs like a map.

Firstly, let’s have a look at what is a site map.

Sitemap is like a map of your site, it is a must for you to run a website. When your site is created, you need build a sitemap and submit it to search engines to let him know your site’s better.

How to build a sitemap?

There are generally four types of sitemap, xml, html, GZ, TXT .Different search engines support for different kinds of sitemaps, for example, Google uses XML sitemaps. You can both create sitemap by hands or automatically. If you build sitemap by hands, you have to use your Dreamweaver to edit the long and troublesome coder and make it to different types. However, if you made mistake by accident, it won’t show your site’s network correctly, then it won’t crawl for your entire site, so, you‘d better use a professional software for help. It will help you make the best sitemap in professional.

The best free site map generator
Here I will tell you a good free site map generator, site map x. It’s the world’ best site map generator which has more functions than other site map creator.

It’s better than any sitemap tool on the internet, which is very easy to use and is developed by brilliant programmers and website masters for years.

The site map is generated is very correct which is good for your site and has help you do SEO.

•Check dead links
This sitemap generator helps you check dead links of your site fully automatically.

•Ping website
You can use this tool to update your sitemap just in one click to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, live.

Site map x is your best choice; you can also set it for schedule to fully update your sitemap without lifting one finger. You can build a sitemap for as many sites as you want with just putting into your site’s URL. You can create ten types sitemap as you like. At last, you can download it or directly upload it to your site server. You can set up the robots.txt file according to your needs.