Automatically Build Sitemap for Your Website


Have been tortured by the tedious sitemap building process for a long time? Have to spend lot of time to go through the sitemap in case there are any mistakes in it? Upset about the unsuccessful result of long time sitemap building and sitemap submission? You really need changes!

Try to use sitemap tool to automatically generate site map. In addition, if you choose a good one, you can quickly generate standard sitemap without any problems and will never be rejected by search engines when you submit sitemaps.

How to pick up site map builder? There are many sitemap tools available on the internet for creating sitemaps. And they are usually two kinds: free sitemap generator with limited functions and paid sitemap generator with full functions.

Those free ones may put a limitation on the URLs of a site, or cannot generate different types of sitemaps, or unable to discover site problems like dead links on a website, or cannot upload sitemaps to server….

And those sitemap generators with full functions? They may charge you dozens of dollars to provide all-around service.

How about a free and fully functional sitemap tool? Sitemap X can:

1.Generate Sitemap with Unlimited Size
2.Create XML,GZ, TXT and HTML Sitemaps
3.Build Valid Sitemaps for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
4.Index All Kinds of Sites such as Blogs and Forums, etc.
5.Discover Site Problems like Dead Links
6.Automatically Split Sitemap Files
7.Unlimited Project Configuration
8.Professional Technical Support
9.Scheduled Sitemap Creation
10.Built-in FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client
11.Automatically Ping Search Engines
How to sitemap with Sitemap X? Add a new project to generate sitemap:

1.Click on "New" or the add button on the top-left of the project list, and in the popped-up window, input project name and group name, then click on "OK".
2.Under "General" tab, input the base address (any URL of your website will do) for crawling, set the crawling depth (how deeply you want the crawler to discover the directories), the maximized time to crawling one page, and the max number of the crawled URLs, then select types of the web page you want SiteMap X to crawl, and click on "Next" (you can also click on "Crawl" to skip the next several steps and start the crawling right now with the default settings).
3.Under "XML Settings" tab, select the format and style of your sitemap, and provide the basic information about your web pages, then click on "Next" (also you can click on "Crawl" to skip next steps).
4.Under "Robots" tab, you can edit a robots file, and decide whether upload it to your server or not, then click on "Next" (or "Crawl").
5.Under "FTP&PING" tab, input the required information about your server and select the search engines spiders you want to ping, so that you can automatically upload the generated sitemap to your server and instantly ping search engines after the generation.
6.Under "Schedule" tab, you can make SiteMap X automatically generate and upload sitemap at a fixed time. After the scheduling work done, click on "Crawl".
7.SiteMap X will start crawling immediately, and you can see the crawling process in detail. After the crawling completed, click on "Next".
8.You can modify (add, edit, or delete) the crawled URLs and see the error pages of your site in the next interface. After the modification, click on "Generate."
9.In the popped-up window, you can choose whether to view the generated sitemaps or not.