standard-A light, fast multiple personnel transport vehicle effective against infantry but outmatched by other ground-class vehicles.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Methana 335 1140 6.0 10,000ISK
Saga 950 600 16.0 10,000ISK

Logistics-An infantry support vehicle, able to repair multiple units' armor simultaneously. Features improved armor and shield.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Charybdis 1235 520 21.0 30,220ISK
Limbus 435 1855 8.0 30,220ISK


Standard-Well-armed and heavily armored, the HAV is the primary ground force attack vehicle.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Gunnlogi 2600 1000 22.0 50,000ISK
Madrugar 900 2900 8.0 50,000ISK

Marauder-With enhanced armor plating and improved damage output. Marauders turn destruction into an art form.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Sagaris 3120 1000 26.0 122,750ISK
Surya 900 3480 8.0 122,750ISK


Standard-Able to traverse the battlefield virtually unimpeded,the dropship is the perfect way to get infantry into and out of hotspots.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Grimsnes 700 1700 12.0 25,00ISK
Myron 1400 1000 23.0 25,00ISK

Logistics-Outfitted with a mobile CRU for on-board spawning, this support dropship takes troop transport to a whole new level.
Shield Armor Recharge Price
Eryx 1600 1000 24.0 67,990ISK
Prometheus 700 1900 12.0 67,990ISK



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