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Ver.1.3.1 (2012/10/04)

  • Implemented Dungeon Editor and added modding capabilities.
    • ダンジョンエディタを実装し、改造機能を追加した。
  • Added a warning about unnamed prisoners to character generation.
    • キャラクター作成時に無名の囚人に関する警告を追加した。
  • Bug fix: mouse look does not work when standing in front of a wall tapestry.
    • バグ修正:壁のタペストリーの前に立ったときにマウスの外観が動作しない。
  • Bug fix: when importing a custom portrait, the original portrait becomes “locked” and can’t be chosen for other characters.
    • バグ修正:カスタムポートレートをインポートする際に、オリジナルのポートレートが "ロック"され他のキャラクターで選択することができない。
  • Bug fix: on screen exp indicator displays an incorrect amount of exp when killing an advanced monster with level greater than 1.
    • バグ修正:1レベル以上のアドバンスドモンスターを殺した時に、画面上の経験値インジケータで誤った数値が表示される。
  • Bug fix: no exp is gained if a monster is killed by Dismantler’s lightning effect or Icefall Hammer’s frost burst effect.
    • バグ修正:モンスターがDismantlerの雷効果やIcefall Hammerのフロストバースト効果によって殺害された場合は全くEXPが得られない。
  • Bug fix: when the cube crushes a monster, monster’s death effect is played multiple times if the cube moves back and forth.
    • バグ修正:キューブが前後に移動した時、キューブがモンスターを潰した場合に敵モンスターの死亡エフェクトが複数回再生される。
  • Bug fix: game refuses to start if the documents folder is mapped to a network location.
    • バグ修正:ドキュメントフォルダがネットワーク上の場所にマッピングされているとゲームが起動しない。
  • Bug fix: “Level up!” text above attack frames does not scale with resolution.
    • バグ修正:攻撃のフレームの上の "Level up!" テキストが解像度に合わせてスケーリングされない。
  • Bug fix: tooltips are buggy in 2560×1600 resolution.
    • バグ修正:2560×1600の解像度の場合にツールチップがおかしくなる。
  • Bug fix: exp is awarded to wrong characters if party marching order is changed before damage is dealt (e.g. cast fireball, reorder champions before fireball kills a monster).
    • バグ修正:ダメージが発生する前にパーティの並び替えをした場合(例えば、ファイヤーボールを唱えてからモンスターを殺す前にキャラクターの順序を並べ替える、など)、経験値が間違ったキャラクターに与えられる。

Ver.1.1.4 (2012/04/21)

  • vsync is enabled by default
  • borderless windows are no longer topmost
  • pressing ESC closes character sheet
  • fixed unlimited frost arrow exploit
  • improved display resolution auto-detection at first launch
  • fixed a couple of typos and broken english
  • removed check that disables high texture resolution setting when running low on video memory (some graphics drivers seem to report available video memory incorrectly)
  • quick save/load
  • volume sliders
  • to avoid confusion autosave & quicksave slots can’t be renamed anymore
  • adjusted gui layout and camera fov so that user interface elements do not overlap with important screen areas on non-widescreen displays
  • invert horizontal mouse option
  • camera bobbing option (only available by editing the config file manually)
  • configurable tooltip delay (only available by editing the config file manually)
  • frame rate limiter (set to 120fps but can be changed by editing the config file)
  • custom character portraits
  • bug fix: very long map marker notes without spaces in them causes the automap to crash
  • bug fix: editing a map marker that is on the same exact spot as a marker on the other map page edits them both at the same time
  • bug fix: map labels are sometimes drawn partially underneath map symbols
  • bug fix: topmost menu item doesn’t work reliably in high resolutions such as 2560×1440
  • bug fix: wall text translations are not dismissed when right-clicking
  • bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed
  • bug fix: projectiles go through doors in some very rare cases
  • bug fix: saving the game crashes if all save game slots are full and the autosave slot is deleted or unused
  • bug fix: Fighter’s Challenge doesn’t open if there’s an item in front of the door (only applies to new games, existing save games still have this bug)
  • bug fix: saving the game just after the end fight creates a corrupted save that can lead to crashes and the end sequence not getting triggered correctly
  • bug fix: auto pickup doesn’t pick up the correct amount of ammo in some rare circumstances
  • bug fix: standing on stairs and turning with the mouse, followed by a turn using q/e keys is buggy
  • bug fix: when a monster is damaged, experience point text sometimes (very rarely) flash in a square where a monster has been killed
  • bug fix: trying to load a save game that has just been deleted manually from the file system (e.g. in Windows explorer) crashes the game


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