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Ending Hints


  • This page contains spoilers .

ED1: We'll Meet Again ( 再会の約束 )
If you give Garry your handkerchief and escape with him , you will reach this ending.
You will be able to give your handkerchief to Garry if his affinity for you is high enough.

……………Tips on Raising Garry's Affinity……………
① Examine as much as you can while he is with you.
→ Reading posters, viewing paintings, examining bookshelves, etc. will trigger dialogue.

② Talk to Garry as much as possible.
→ You will be able to start a conversation with Garry at 2 points in the story.
  Try to talk to him about 6 or 7 times. (It's alright if he says the same thing).
  You should answer Garry when he asks you questions.

③ Refrain from breaking objects as much as possible.
→ Try not to break objects unless you must (for the sake of advancing the story).
  If you break too many objects, Garry's mortality rate will rise.

Other points to consider...
Humour Mary when she asks strange questions.
Do your best to escape the room when collecting the 7th globe of paint.
  Failing to do so will raise Garry's mortality rate considerably.

If you keep the above in mind, you'll be given the chance to choose whether or not you want to hand Garry your handkerchief.
Hand him your handkerchief and you're set.

ED2: Together Forever ( いつまでも一緒 )
If Garry dies and you escape without burning Mary's portrait , you will reach this ending.
There will be a slight variation depending on the which of Garry's items Ib has in her possession.

ED3: Deep Recesses of Memory ( 片隅の記憶 )
Escaping with Garry, but failing to hand him your handkerchief will lead to this ending.

ED4: A Forgotten Portrait ( 忘れられた肖像 )
You will reach this ending if Garry dies and you burn Mary's portrait .

ED5: Lonely Ib ( ひとりぼっちのイヴ )
You will reach this ending if you hesitate or decide to follow anyone who suddenly appears before you jump into the large painting.

Translated from the official site.

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