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○ Sketchbook ○
① Head Towards the Center
→ At first the map may seem very complicated, but it's just a grid of nine squares (3x3).
 Explore your surroundings.

② What do I do after I find the bucket?
→ Find a place to draw some water for a flower bud.

③ What happens after I open Pandora's box?
→ You can start by using your mirror at the top-left area and looking inside the building.

④ Solving the Pictogram Puzzle
→ Opening Pandora's box triggers a change on each map.

  Each map contains a hidden symbol matching the one found in the last building.
  Find them and remember the map where you found each symbol .
  Some work on Ib's part is required to find some symbols.

⑤ I've found all the symbols
→ Return to the blue building and push the buttons in the order depicted on the wall. Be sure you match the buttons with their corresponding area of the map.
  In short, push the button corresponding to where you found each symbol on the map in the correct order . Doing so will cause a key to appear.
  Be careful; Making a mistake causes damage and forces you to start again from the beginning.

T o y B o x
① What should I do?
→ Meet up with Garry and try to find your rose and a pink key.
  The items can be found on the floor.

② How to Escape
→ When your enemies animate all at once, run for the stairs on the north side.
  There may be lot of them, they aren't very fast, so stay calm and run.

The number of enemies present will vary depending what you have done as Ib.

You cannot re-enter the house with the heart once you use the pink key, so be careful.

Translated from the official site.

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