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○ The Purple Rooms ○
① The Password to Open the Door
→ Somewhere, you will find a rope. If you pull it, it will cause an inscription to appear elsewhere.
  You can figure out the password by reading the inscription and asking Garry.

① The Maze Puzzle
→ You can continue without clearing it, but you should try to raise Garry's affinity for you where you can.

② A Party of Three
→ Backtracking and examining the bookshelves, etc. after Mary has joined your party will trigger some new dialogue.

○ The Purple Rooms ~ The Brown Rooms ○
After pickup up the key and exiting the rabbit room, an event will occur and the party will be split into 2 groups.
  From here on, you will be able to alternate between Ib's perspective and Garry's perspective.

Ib's Perspective
→ After you have been split from Garry, continue on until you reach a room where you can go no further.
  Here there is a green painting with eyes on the wall. Remember the position of the rope above it.
  Switch to Gary.

Garry's Perspective
→ Re-enter the rabbit room and move the bookshelf. You will reach a room with ropes.
  Keeping the position of the ropes from Ib's perspective in mind, pull a rope.
  When you pull the correct one, the green painting will become a bridge allowing Ib to move forward. Switch to Ib.

Ib's Perspective
→ Cross the bridge, drop the blue triangle into the gap, and move forward.
  Switch back to Garry when you reach a large room.

Garry's Perspective
→ Push the blue triangle Ib dropped into the hole in the floor.
  In doing so, the door will unlock and you will be able to continue.

  Keep going until you reach a large room and enter the door in the top-left corner.
  After reading the poster, 7 globes of paint will be scattered throughout the area.
  Collect the globes of paint.

  After exiting the room, remember the name of the painting titled "Grün Nacht" on the wall to the right.
  Switch back to Ib.

Ib's Perspective
→ Enter the room in the lower-right and obtain the wooden key. Exit the room and enter the small room in the lower right.
  Enter the title of the painting hanging on Garry's side to enter.
  In the top-right corner of the room, there is a segment of wall with no bookshelf. After you have used the wooden key, return to Garry.

Garry's Perspective
→ After Ib uses the wooden key, the door with the tree above it will be unlocked.
  There is a globe of paint hidden among the bookshelves. Retrieve it.
  You cannot enter the right side of the room at this point in time.

  Exit the room. This time, enter the room on the bottom-right.
  In this room, you take 1 point of damage for every step you take so proceed carefully.
  There is a vase in the room, but it is empty at this point in time.
  Collect the red umbrella on the right side of the room near the entrance and exit.
  Switch to Ib.

Ib's Perspective
→ Enter the room in the lower-right corner and drop the mannequin heads.
  One of the heads is different from the other two, so watch what Mary says and push it off the table.
  If you have used the wooden key, the painting titled "Fisherman" hanging outside the room will change when you drop the correct mannequin head.
  Switch back to Garry.

Garry's Perspective
→ Hook the red umbrella onto the "Fish Hook".
  When you do so, the "Fisherman" on Ib's side will reel it up.

Ib's Perspective
→ After you have collected the red umbrella, return it to "The Maiden Who Lost Her Umbrella".
  Return to Garry after it beings to rain indoors.

Garry's Perspective
→ Garry's room downstairs will be affected by the rain in Ib's room upstairs.
  Use the flower vase to reach the rope.

At this point, Garry can collect 4 globes of paint.
  After he has collected them all, return to the room with the bookshelves (it should be different).

※ The above mentioned sequence of events is just one of many possible solutions.
  Solving the puzzle in a different order will not prevent you from moving forward.

Translated from the official site.

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