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○ The Red Rooms ○
① The Location of the Key
→ The key will appear with the Woman in Red.

② Find the Blue Rose
→ The man on the floor is holding a key. Take it and go to the room on the far left.
  In that room, you will find a Woman in Blue holding a blue rose .

  If you exit the room after the Woman in Blue sees you, she will break through the window and give chase.
  You will have an easier time obtaining the blue rose if you wait outside for a moment before re-entering.

※ Note: The bright blue vase found in this area may be used to restore your health as many times as you wish .

③ Talk to the fallen man after you have watered the blue rose in the bright blue vase.

○ The Grey Rooms (Pt1) ○
① The Maze Puzzle
→ Examining the dead end south of a splash of red paint will cause something to happen outside the room.

② After you have obtained the eye drops, used it on the inflamed eye. As thanks, it will show you a hidden room.

③ Where is "behind the tree"?
→ After you've flipped the switch in the labyrinth, a room will appear by the save point.
  Thoroughly examine the works within the room.

④ The Wedding Ring
→ Put the ring on " The Left Hand of the Weeping Bride ". (On the ring finger of course).

○ The Grey Rooms (Pt2) ○
① The 4-Digit Code
→ Find " The Hanged Man " and search it thoroughly.
  Note that the man is hung upside-down .

② The Location of the Vase
→ After entering the 4-digit code, you will find yourself in a room with a canvas and an empty vase on a stand.
  Another room will be unlocked if you push the stand to the left so it looks like someone is sketching the vase.

③ What do I do after I've looked into the mirror?
→ You will find a grey key on the ground a little south of the room with the mirror.
  After you have picked it up, head to the large room in the center.

④ Trapped Ib
→ Trying to leave the room after viewing " A Matching Pair " will cause an event will occur.
  Enemies will pour through the wall. Escape through the hole.
  After you get out, the door on the left side of the room will be open. Run towards it.

Be aware that you cannot save or heal yourself during this event.

If you go to the room with the filled vase after Garry breaks the mannequin head in the mirror room, you'll see...

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