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○ The Blue Rooms ○
→ The blue key can be found in the room to the right.
There is also a vase for you to water your rose.

○ The Green Rooms ○
→ There is an ant on the floor near the insect paintings.
  After talking to the ant, you will be able to take down the ant painting .
  The ant painting can be used as a bridge.

○ The Yellow Rooms ○
① Fish Key (head)
→ Find the stick man in the room to the left.

② Fish Key (tail)
→ If you walk by the 5 stone busts lined up in the middle of the room, the one in the middle will begin to chase Ib.
  Lure it to the nameplate lying on the floor.

Finding the 3-digit code

① Thoroughly examine the white painting.
② Examine the dolls hanging from the ceiling.
③ Solve the Liar's Room puzzle.

Faithful to its' name, the Liar's Room is filled with liars. However, one portrait among the six is telling the truth (the one without a partner).
Only one of them is missing a partner, thus, any portrait that agrees with another or has another portrait backing it up is a liar .
In short, the brown portrait is telling the truth.

After finding all 3 numbers, you should be able to solve the code on the innermost door.
Substitute the colors with their corresponding numbers and solve the equation.

You may move onto the next set of rooms by giving your newly obtained item to the pair of lips on the wall.

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