the best sitemap generator for you


If you are a webmaster, then I don’t need to tell you the importance of sitemap, you know.

The importance of sitemap

•Sitemap is good for search engines
We all know that if you submit your website map to search engines, it will know your webpage connection and website frames. It can crawl your website in an organized space. It can crawl and index your website fast. We have sitemap our own. Those our new websites can be indexed in a few days.

•Sitemap is good for users
Users know your site clearly if she/he cannot find your site. Then it can help the users find what they want in a few seconds. We all know customs is god.

•By hands
Are you ready to do it by yourself? Creating the sitemap alone? You know that there are several kinds of sitemaps, including txt, html, xml, xml.gz. If you ever made a mistake, the result will be very bad.

•Sitemap generator
If you use a sitemap generator, the problem will be solved in a few mins. Are you ready? Here I will recommend you a sitemap creator-Sitemap X.
Sitemap X is designed for webmasters. It’s very easy-to –use and has more function then the paid and online sitemap generator. Don’t you believe so? Then let’s have a look.

You never know the software-Sitemap X can be such useful and easy! It can help you a lot, now with this wonderful software, you don’t need to worry the spider any more.

Sitemap’ main feature:
It can automatically ping to search engine.
You can make up sitemap for Google, Yahoo and Bing.
You can set up schedule to automatically update you sitemap
You can upload you sitemap directly.

Have you thought about that when you release a new site, then automatically use our software-sitemap x, then it will automatically upload your sitemap to your server, then you can set up automatically update you sitemap to search engines. And you can also ping them to search engines. You want to know what a miracle it is.

Do you want to know better feature of Sitemaps, then try to download and use it now! Believe in me, Sitemap x is the first step you to do SEO. It’s designed by our SEO experts. Now use sitemap x to know how to site map!