How to Quickly Ensure Your Web Pages Be Indexed


The indexing problems may have bothered those sites for a long time:

1.The sites have dynamic contents;
2.The sites have many content pages and very complicated hierarchy;
3.The sites have few links to it;
4.The sites have pages not linked to each other.
The above situations would make it difficult for search engine bots to timely and correctly crawl the sites and index all the pages on those sites. How to solve this problem? Make sitemaps for the sites.

What is a site map for a website? Commonly speaking, site map is a list of the pages on a website. It is a good way to direct visitors to quickly get to the page they are looking for (HTML sitemap), and to tell search engines about pages on a site they might not otherwise discover and index (XML sitemap).

How to make a site map? You can search on the internet and find standard sitemap templates, then follow them and use the correct tags to edit your sitemap, next add the URLs and their metadata to your sitemap.

You can manually create sitemaps as what has been said, but if the site had many pages (let’s say more ten pages), you may find it so tedious and troublesome to create a complete and invalid sitemap (you have to make sure that all the URLs are exact, together with the metadata about each URL).

Want a shortcut to ease the burden of creating sitemaps for a very large site? You can use a sitemap tool to automatically generate sitemap. What are the advantages of using such a tool?

1.Quick generation: no matter how large your site is, it can quickly generate different types of standard sitemaps in minutes;
2.Easy to use: all you need to do is to give it a start URL of your site (any URL of your web pages will do), and fill in the required fields, then you can get the perfect sitemaps;
3.One-station service: it can not only generate sitemaps for you, but also examine the site problems, upload sitemaps to server, ping search engines about the newly generated sitemaps.

Moreover, you can use this professional sitemap tool for completely free. So, if you want to quickly ensure your web pages are timely and properly indexed, do not miss such good tool and act right now to download it.