How Cricket Bat Grips Can Improve Your Sport


All new and professional players look forward to the weekend cricket games with a hope and a wish to work and improve their game. Most of them practice batting and work hard to improve on their skill and timing. With training, a player could be in a position to simply score run offs. But, there are lots of different ways to work on one's game. One of those is trying out different cricket bat grips to get the one that will work best with you.
What is a Cricket Bat Grip?
The hold of the cricket equipment Malaysia is the region where they hitter holds the bat. The hold is usually made using a few different components which may include leather and plastic. As technology continues to improve, the cricket bat grip has evolved leading to the creation of the present day cricket bat. The hold has two crucial jobs. It needs to cushion the swing but nevertheless allow good handling. The padding, or anti-shock effect, allows the hitter to comfortably hit a ball over and over again. Fatigue can be caused by the shock of the bat making contact with the ball. This also applies for the most hardened batter. However the addition of anti-shock material decreases this experience. Another job of the cricket bat grip material is to provide a surface that has sufficient friction to make sure that the bat does notfly off the hands when making a hard swing.

Selecting the most appropriate Grip Material
There are different alternatives and options that are used as grip material on a cricket bat. Some emphasize on the firmness, while others emphasize on the hold of the grip. Both of these aspects need to be well-balanced. However, the balance will depend on the player. A grip that offers more anti-shock properties will more likely be harder to hold and could possibly make the bat twist slightly when coming into contact with the ball. For someone with more hand power and is able to hold the grip tightly may go for the anti-shock bat as compared to someone with lesser hand power.
The gripping technique when it comes to a bar could also be tricky. For instance, sweaty hands may lead to a bad hold on the bat and could lead to pain and bruises with repeated use. Altogether, rough grip material would become less and less coarse as dust, skin contact and skin oils accumulate on the grip. Most people prefer a texturized grip which delivers maximum grasp through friction. However, there are those who still use the leather ones since it is the best for players with sweaty hands or when playing in wet conditions. However, for the best grasp handles, pick a rubber-based hold instead.