DUST 514 is a constantly evolving game.Futere version will include more features,improved functionality and bug fixes.



  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Nanite injector(non-final asset)
  • Remote explosive
  • Boosters


  • New dynamic sky and fog system


  • Basic scan system implemented. Passive scanning possible on entities. UI in-progress.
  • Squad orders: Players can now place squad orders- Attach, Defend, Capture, and Rally- on entities.
  • Fitting: Items in a fit can be restocked to the desired amount directly from the fitting page.
  • Multi-channel voice and text chat. Playeres will now auto-join Corp Chat when entering game, Team Chat when entering a match and Suad Chatwhen joining a squad.
  • Contacts: Add,block and watch other players.
  • Quick weapon switch: Tap to cycle between weapons and equipment.
  • Contest streaming: Progress loading bars include more detailed status of download.
  • In-game Aurum purchasing: Ability to purchase AUR packs from the Playstation Store directly from the game client.


Art and UI

  • New Caldari Large Railgun and Gallente Blaster models
  • Option UI redesigned
  • Character portraits added allowing players to choose from a pre-rendered list of portraits character creation

Animations and VFX

  • jamming and overheating VFX on weapons.
  • Improved death animations - directional and explosive.
  • Ladder climing animations.
  • Blood impact effects onmkill shot.
  • Deferred lighting on muzzle flash.


  • Updated Biomass outpost(New roof tops, vehicles replaced cargo containers, two new towers).
  • Improved mini-map fidelity.


  • Improved LAV and HAV handling.
  • New skills and tweaks to existing skills.
  • Nerfed AV grenade damage against infantry.
  • Reduced sniper rifle scope sway and increased scoped tracking speed.
  • Increased Armor plate module bonus to offset speed reduction.
  • Reduced movement speed in scoped mode to help address strafe-dancing.
  • Three starting militia fits given to newly created characters.
  • Increased starting skill allotment.


  • Game settings are now saved loccally on your PS3 instead of on the DUST servers.

Bug fixes

  • Client sometimes fails to join a battle.
  • Crash when entering a battle from the MQ.
  • Player's shield/armor bar is empty and no weapon can be selected after learning full skill.
  • Killing the player piloting the drop ship will not be recoreded on the killboard.
  • No ISK, AURUM, item or config of fitting after selecting a character.
  • Able to target driver and passengers with vehicle modules while in 3rd person view.
  • The default remote shield booster doesn't work on the Limbus.
  • Recticle is permanently fully expanded for weapons tha don't have dispersion enabled.
  • Kill/Death stats are not correctly incremented when the victim is in a turret.
  • Missing message body for player join/leave game events.
  • The damage multiplier of the two logisitics LAV is incorrect.

Known Issues in the current build


  • Region jumping may cause the unallocated aurum lost.
  • The "SORT"function does not work in the Marketplace.
  • Some placeholder images in the Market place are place holders
  • The Marketplace category loading speed is low
  • Category description in the Marketplace may overlap with the group tab
  • The cheapest unallcated Aurum packs in user's account will be assigned to the character's wallet regardless of which Aurum pack the character purchased from the in-game Title Store
  • The spinner will freeze for up to 5 seconds when opening the "Buy AUR" window
  • "Nan" is displayed if the character has no ISK or AUR when restocking
  • AUR and ISK's icons and digits do not share the same colors schemes


  • Third person animation will not be refreshed when running back and forth
  • Third person animation is shaky when he is caught by the first time in a certain distance
  • Installation turret rotation animation in first person view is jumpy
  • Jumping while zooming in with sniper rifle wikk cause the first person camere to shake


  • On rare occasions the Minimap may appear with the wrong color when joins a new battle


  • On rare occasions user may see bleed-out effect after respawn


  • NEOCOM- the back button does not take effect before pages are loaded
  • There is a brief delay when switching between UI pages on NEOCOM
  • Users is required to choose a Fit before he spawns into a battle, even he has flagged one of his Fits as Favorite
  • When there is only 1 remaining item in the user'S Assets list, that type can still be fitted to character or vehicles, which will cause that Fit to become invalid
  • defenders do not see the MCC's health indicator
  • The "unlimited" indicator of Clone Reserve is too small
  • All Squad leaders other than Squad 0 cannot be displayed
The recticle of the Swarm Launcher will disappear if the user spawns on a Dropship
  • Under heavy lag conditions the user may observe false players with no nametags
  • MCC shied bar is displayed incorrectly after the user returns from overview map


  • Vehicle's large turret may block the camera if the user is using the small turret
  • In rare locations, the user's first person camera may raise if he collides with walls, vehicles or installations
  • When climbing ladders, the user's first person camera may clip into his weapons if he changes the camera angles quickly

Game Mechanics

  • On rare occasions turrets may disappear on the installations
  • On rare occasions the user may get stuck in the bleed-out state after being killed
  • Anti MCC turret B will stop working after turret A and C have been hacked
  • No installations will be displayed from the installtion menu in Overview Map

3rd party compatibility

  • On very rare occasions the user may get stuck on the character selection screen in Merc Quarters if unplugging network cable after selecting a character
  • On very rare occasions PS3 may crash when the user quit the game
  • On very rare occasions user may get a data corrukt message in game, restarting the title resolves the issue


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